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  • Basen ogrzewany
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  • Basen ogrzewany
  • Wi-Fi
  • Balkon
Alhama de Granada

With a name like Alhama de Granada, you would expect to be transported to the province of Granada, but this picturesque town is actually located in the province of Jaen, in Andalusia.

The gorgeous spa town is small, but perfectly formed, with lots of character and architectural and natural beauty. It sits on the edge of a gorge, surrounded by rolling wheat fields and olive and almond trees.

Natural surroundings
Set in the fertile landscape of the Poniente Granadino, the town precariously sits on the edge of the immense limestone gorge of Los Tajos. Along the bottom runs the Rios (Rivers) Alhama and Merchan. The hot springs that can be found close to town and next to the Rio Merchan make up four thermal pools.

The surrounding landscape is characterised by shady undulating hills, charming small villages and the far off views of mountain ranges looming in the distance.

About town
The town of Alhama de Granada is delightful and the old quarter is particularly charming and historically interesting. There are various old buildings, monuments and churches of architectural and historical interest.

There are sufficient amenities for tourists, and many good bars and restaurants, to enjoy during
your stay.

Places to visit
Alhama de Granada is well situated to both the cities of Granada and Malaga; close enough to visit for day or weekend trip. The stunning Sierra Nevada with its skiing and alpine resort is within easy distance, and close by are the Sierras Tejeda and Almijara, perfect for walking and hiking excursions.

The Balneario (Thermal Spa)

The thermal springs located just 2 kilometres outside of the town attract many visitors to Alhama de Granada. They date back to Roman and Moorish periods. You can bath for free in the thermal springs, but there is also a Spa Centre where you can enjoy massages and other treatments. The thermal pools are formed from
natural spring water and the temperature of the water pools is around 47 degrees and they contain bicarbonates, sulphates, calcium and magnesium.

Treatments offered for: Arthritis, Sciatica, Gout, Obesity, Tendonitis, muscular cramps, chronic bronchitis, Asthma, Sinusitis, Laryngitis and
post-traumatic stress.

The climate in Alhama de Granada is typically inland Andalusian, with balmy, long hot summers and cold, crisp winters.

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